Horndon-on-the-Hill - the Vincent connection

The plaque on Hill House High Road

Phil Vincent

Philip Conrad Vincent was born in Fulham in 1908. His parents lived in Argentina where they owned a cattle farm. High House was the home of Phillip's uncle, John Vincent. Philip came to live here as a schoolboy and became interested in motorcycles starting with a 350cc BSA. He was more interested in motorbikes than studying and with assistance of his family and friends at the age of 20 formed the Vincent H.R.D. Company to design and manufacture the Vincent motorcycle in Stevenage. Philip's ashes are interred in the family plot in Horndon Cemetery

On the 21st July 2002 Thurrock Council and the Vincent-H.R.D. Owners Club commemorated Philip Vincent with a Thurrock Heritage Plaque attached to Hill House. The plaque was unveiled by Philip Vincent-Day, the grandson of Philip Conrad Vincent, seated below on a 500cc Comet.



Waiting for the unveiling.

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