Horndon 10k

11.00 am

Last Sunday in June


Held under UK:A rules with a UK:A licence no. tba


Certificate of Course Accuracy

SE 17/210


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Chip Timing

Thank you for entering the Dave Staines Horndon10k. You will find below some key information for the event but it is importantly to remember that you will need to collect your race number on the day from Race HQ (1 Lion Cottages, High Road), allowing plenty of time to do this as it will get very busy so it is advised that you aim to collect it between 9am and 10am.

RACE LIMIT- The number of participants will be limited to 500 entries.  This is the maximum number that we are able to facilitate to ensure safety on the roads (which are not completely closed to traffic) and with the Feast & Fayre in full flow during this time.

PARKING- A car park will be available in the Rec (see map). High Road is closed to traffic and no on-road parking is available in the village. Please leave the Bell car park free for their customers.. There will be a small Feast and Fayre Programme/Parking charge..

CHANGING Please come changed and be self sufficient as we have no changing facilities or bag drop facilities. Toilets are available at the Village Hall, the Woolmarket and the Methodist Hall.

RACE NUMBERS- should not be cut, mutilated or folded. Athletes must complete medical information and contact details on the reverse of race number and your race number must be worn on the front of your top. Chips are already attached to the back of your race number and chip timing will give all runners an accurate time measured chip to chip

HEADPHONES- are strictly prohibited and it is a condition of the race entry that they are not used.  This is a safety precaution imposed for the sake of all competitors.  Please comply with this instruction or risk disqualification

THE START- This is located outside the Old National School and you run towards the Bell. The race will start at 11 am, assemble outside the Old School at least 5 minutes before this time. Please choose an appropriate place based upon your estimated finishing time – areas for the different times will be clearly displayed on signs next to the road. Be aware that the roads will not be closed and co-operation with marshals is expected.  Your official race time will only begin once you cross the timing mat at the start point.

THE COURSE- (see map) Our 10k is undulating starting on the High Road and then down the famous hill from the Village name then, just before the one mile mark, turning round then running straight back up. The course then heads back along the High Road and into Hillcrest Road before taking in some country lanes. It then comes back into the Village via Orsett Road, left into Gordon Road, then left to join Hillcrest Road again for a second loop. This time on reaching Orsett Road, instead of turning left, runners go straight ahead and at the next sharp bend of Orsett Rd straight ahead into a farm track. The last mile heads across a field to take you back to the bottom of the hill, turn left to the finish. The course will be well marshalled with a water station at about the two mile marker on Hillcrest Road which you will again pass at approx. four miles. Beware of the speed bumps along some of the country lanes following Hillcrest Road. If you drop out of the race at any time please notify the nearest marshal that you will not be continuing

THE FINISH- You will cross the finishing mat which will automatically record your race time using the chip attached to the back of your race number. You will then receive your souvenir medal and bottle of water. After finishing please move away from the finish area to allow space for other runners finishing after you. Please do not jog back and accompany slower runners as they finish. The road by the finish is open to traffic so try to avoid causing congestion, be considerate to residents and other road users

MEDALS FOR ALL FINISHERS- We have another new design for our high quality medals for all finishers with the first 100 finishers receiving ‘gold’ medals, the next 100 finishers receiving ‘silver’ medals, the next 100 finishers receiving ‘bronze’ medals; and the remainder receiving ‘black’ medals.

FIRST AID- will be provided by St. John's if required. If you have any sort of medical condition, for your own safety,  please write full details on the back of your number including the condition, treatment and emergency contact details.

REFRESHMENTS- The water station (cups of water) is located at approximately 2 miles into the race in Hillcrest Road. You will pass the water station again on your second lap approximately 4 miles into the race. All runners will receive a  bottle of water at the end of the race. There are plenty of food and drink opportunities at the Feast and Fayre in the Village.

RESULTS- We will aim to publish the chip time results by 8pm on the Sunday, Category winners results will also be displayed as soon as possible in the courtyard of the Bell Inn.

PRIZES- will be awarded in the Bell Inn courtyard at approximately 1 pm




Men's Team:

Women's Team:




1st, 2nd, 3rd, MV40, MV50, MV60, MV70

1st, 2nd, 3rd, FV40, FV50, FV60, FV70

4 to count -entry automatic from correctly filled in entry forms

4 to count -entry automatic from correctly filled in entry forms

A Vet finishing in the top three will receive the 'place' prize only. Vets prizes will awarded to a finishers outside of the first three and in strict age category. For instance, the MV40 award will be given to the first Man aged 40 to 49 inclusive on the day of the race, finishing outside of the first three, even if a Man aged 50 to 59 finishes before him.

In addition every finishers will receive a souvenir.

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